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Project Description

Set of C# .NET classes that can be used to generate realistic looking  random data elements.

Name Elements can be Randomized
  • Person Names (First and Last)
  • Business Names
  • Location Values (Street Names, Cities, States/Provinces, ZipCodes/PostalCodes)
  • Person Names can be varied by country of origin (Lists of names for 19 countries available)
  • Business Names and Location Values can be in English, French or Spanish.
  • Location Values can be generated for U.S., Canada, Quebec or Mexico.
Word Processor Randomization
  • Random Words by Type (e.g. Nouns, Adjectives, etc.)
  • Random Sentences (realistic syntax for the random words in the sentence.)
  • Random Paragraphs (You specify the number of sentences or range of sentences per paragraph.)
  • Random Documents (You specify the number of paragraphs or range of paragraphs per document.)
Application Variables can be Randomized by Data Type
  • Random Strings (Alpha, Alphanumeric, Decimal, Hexadecimal, Syllables)
  • Random Numbers (By size, By range, Offsets from existing numbers)
  • Random Date/Times (By range, Offsets from existing dates, Numeric format for data warehousing)
  • Random Booleans (Formatted as Boolean data type, integer value or string value)

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